General Information: Located approximately 10 minutes by car from Villa LUJUCA, is Anapoima. Also known as the "Sun of Eternal Youth", the town is about 710 meters (2,330 ft.) above sea level and has average yearly temperatures of 24 to 28 Celsius (75 to 82 F). Easily accessible, if needed the town has supermarkets, drugstores and ATM machines. 

History: Founded August 1627, Anapoima was once called "the town of the Indians". During the pre-hispanic era, Anapoima was ranch land used by some indigenous people belonging to the Panche family. With the arrival of the "conquistadores", their overall living structure changed in such a way that it became an unquestionable rest stop for those traveling to the south of Colombia. There is no doubt the land here is the perfect place to retreat and disconnect.

Over the years this cozy, small town has become a favorite travel destination for those living in the capital city of Bogota and its surroundings. 

During the year different types of events take place, making Anapoima a host to bike riding competitions, the National Gathering of Folkloric Dances, National Competition of Musical Bands, and Artistic Formation School for music and sports amongst others.