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Re-center, Re-energize, and Renew yourself

Dedicated to Improving Your Overall Wellness

Living a well-balanced life is important for all of us. To do this, one must make choices that at times may seem difficult. By believing in yourself, having a purpose and the desire and will to change, this can all be possible. 

AKHILA-OM Yoga was launched as a wellness brand to help you achieve these choices. Our goal is to guide you as you improve your life and regain balance so that, ultimately, you can achieve your aspirations and become a better version of yourself.

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Yoga Instructor 

Carolina Santos, Founder


Carolina has been practicing yoga and meditation for over the past nine years. She became a yoga teacher in India in 2015, where she completed her 200 hour YTC. Following her passion for subtle energy healing, she became a Reiki healer in Nepal shortly after. Over the last few years, essential oils have become a new addition to how she approaches healing and how she treats different ailments of the mind, body and spirit.

Her love for the practice began after her first Kundalini yoga class in 2007. She realized how powerful and healing the effect of breathing was along with the movement of the body, inspiring her to want to continue her practice. Carolina is based in Miami. She currently teaches Hatha yoga (beginner and intermediate level) to groups and individual classes.

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The Meaning of AKHILA-OM

In Sanskrit, AKHILA  means  "whole" or "complete.

Sanskrit is an ancient language from India,  which has been used in the writing of mantras, sacred scriptures, teachings and poems. 

OM is the sound of the universe.  It is a mystic symbol. In spirituality "OM" or "AUM" represents the Divine Reality. It is associated with meditation, contemplation and yogic practice. The sound "OM" is believed to be the original sound, the first creative spark in the Divine Consciousness which gave birth to the universe. When chanted or listened to, this beautiful sound gives rise to feelings of peace. healing, serenity and eternity.

AKHILA-OM is a collective of services (yoga, meditation, essential oils and Reiki healing) aimed at helping others become - WHOLE

Our Clientele

  • People of any age who are committed to their mental and spiritual growth
  • People with a desire to improve their lives and who are in search of different ways to become better persons
  • Those who want to change inside to be better on the outside
  • Wellness lovers and advocates
  • Those looking for healing, knowledge and inspiration on how to be better human beings
  • Anybody wanting to experience something new
  • Those who have heard about yoga, essential oils, meditation, and Reiki healing and are curious to find out more
  • Those already on a wellness or spiritual journey wanting to deepen their understanding and practice

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